Omar’s weakness is Rana and Nasir, Alleges Former NC Leader


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‘Disgruntled and beleaguered’ National Conference leader who recently quit the party and is contesting as an independent candidate from Pulwama constituencyMonday said that every Kashmiri including him wants to free themselves from the clutches of India. Ghulam Nabi Nilora who claims that National Conference was strong in South Kashmir because of his father Ghulam Qadir Nilora told CNS that it is in the blood of every Kashmiri to seek freedom from the ‘bondage’ of India.

“It is bitter but true that every Kashmiri wants freedom from India. You can’t label a voter as pro-India as every Kashmiri weather he votes or not, in my opinion is anti-Indian,” he said.

“I had no intention to contest elections from Pulwama Constituency but I was forced by the ‘corrupt’ leadership of National Conference to jump into the fray and my sloe motive is to watch NC getting wiped out from all across South Kashmir,” Ghulam Nabi Nilora who lost his father and brother in militancy related incidents told CNS adding that Omar Abdullah is wholly and solely responsible for the disintegration of National Conference in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that National Conference at present resembles to Democratic National Conference that was founded by late Bakhshi Ghulam Muhammad. “There were three organs of National Conference, one was led by Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, another was Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad and the last one was headed by Mirza Muhammad Afzal Beigh. We belonged to Sheikh family but the  way Omar Abdullah behaved, forced every worker to part ways with the NC. Omar was mislead by Rana and Nasir Sogami and these two fellows shook the foundations of National Conference in Jammu and Kashmir,” Nilora said.

Responding to a question Nirlora said that National Conference has been hijacked by Nasir Aslam Wani and Davinder Singh Rana. He said that the party of Sher-i-Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah is in shambles while Omar Abdullah ruined it and he fails to understand why he (Omar Abdullah) supports Rana and Nasir Aslam Wani.

He added that National Conference will not bag a single seat from South Kashmir. “National Conference leadership ditched its loyal workers. It is the organization that will get routed not only from South Kashmir but God willingly from all across Kashmir,” he said.

Nilora said that Sheikh Muhammd Abdullah who gave blood to make NC strong in Kashmir would have never imagined that an incapable person like Omar Abdullah is going to destroy his party. “Who is Omar Abdullha? There are thousands of people like him in Kashmir and they are more intelligent and reasonable than him. Only thing is that Omar became the Chief Minister because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” Nilora told CNS adding that Omar Abdullah was the first leader in National Conference who felt ashamed of maintaining one to one relations with his workers.

“NC is the party of oppressors. It is the party which killed youth in cold blood in 2010. It is the party which paved way for the execution of Muhammad Afzal Guroo. It will be unfortunate if people of Kashmir will still believe in this party which is run by Omar Abdullah and his chosen intimates,” he said.


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