Geelani terms slapping of 35th PSA on Masarat Alam as ‘state sponsored terrorism’


Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday termed the slapping of 35th Public Safety Act on Muslim League chairperson Masarat Alam Bhat as “state terrorism”. “Slapping Alam with another PSA is condemnable, Geelani said in a statement issued here.

Expressing his dismay over the silence maintained by human rights organization, Geelani said, “It is simply state terrorism.”

While referring to “prolonged and unlawful” detention of Masarat Aalam Bhat, Geelani said that he is languishing in jail since long, however it is quite disheartening that he is being subjected to vengeance by state authorities.

The octogenarian leader said that honour of judiciary is at stake & even its authorities notice that fundamental rights of a person are denied and trampled, however they act as mute spectator and no Suo moto action is initiated against erring authorities.

“Judiciary is not free from political influence,” said Geelani and this is the reason that they feel helpless to act or take steps to check this.

Blaming police officers for disregarding and overlooking court orders and repeatedly slapping PSA on Masarat Alam, Geelani said that for wrongdoings, they should be prosecuted under contempt proceedings.

Strongly criticizing district level authorities, Geelani said that district administration acts as mere rubber stamps. Although it is within their jurisdiction to look and confirm the validity of grounds, however, they follow police authorities and sign these dossiers without applying their wisdom.

“It is pity that despite being highly qualified, their conscience is dead and they just for the sake of privileges and service benefits ignore these unjust procedures against detainees,” said Geelani.

Blaming administration, judiciary and police for this unfair approach against Masarat Alam, Geelani said that though they are equally responsible for this lawlessness, however directives in this regard are issued from home ministry of India.

Everyone in administration is interested in his personal gains and nobody dares to ask about this, he added.

Blaming state administration, Geelani said that they can’t be absolved of their responsibilities, as they are “puppets” and follow agencies in Delhi.

“It is sheer state sponsored terrorism. It is a law of nature that sooner or later the tyrant and arrogant forces shall have to pay and perish,” Geelani added.


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