Dialogue without Hurriyat is meaningless: PDP


Bharatiya Janata Party’s coalition partner Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) vice president Sartaj Madni has expressed dismay over the repeated utterances of local and National BJP Leaders discounting dialogue with Hurriyat leaders and Pakistan. He said the very idea of closing the doors of reconciliation and understanding on vital political issues undermines the process of peace which does not serve the peoples interest.

Madni said that several unwarranted postures have contributed to trust deficit and alienation leading to confrontation and acrimony at various levels. How will unnecessary debate on most sensitive issues help the state, he asked?

Referring to Agenda of Alliance (AoA) between PDP and BJP, he said that this envisaged an agenda of hope and promise to reach out to everyone including separatists and Pakistan. No one can afford a volt-face on this, he observed.

Madni said that atmosphere of confrontation will bring miseries to people and J&K will suffer the worst. He called upon the BJP leaders to draw a leaf from Vajpayee era and strengthen the process of mutual reconciliation and dialogue. He said history is replete with lessons that no one turns out a beneficiary from war and confrontation and no one should be allowed to undermine the importance to reach out and dialogue even in an atmosphere of provocations and mistrust.


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