Geelani Unhappy Over The Way PIL On Pellet, Pepper Gas Was Filed

KL Report


Talking serious note of the dismissal of the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking ban on usage of Pellet guns and Pepper Gas in valley, Huriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani Thursday said the counsel for petitioners should have consulted their seniors before filling the PIL.

“It is a very serious matter and those who filed the PIL should have taken the case seriously. It should not have been taken for granted,” said Geelani while adding that the usage of pellet guns and pepper gas was a delicate case, which demanded ‘seriousness’ and ‘maturity’.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Geelani termed the dismissal of the PIL in High Court as the ‘message’ to Kashmir’s pro-freedom leadership not to take things ‘non-seriously’. “It is a serious lapse on our side and it has taught us again to remain vigilant about the serious issues.”

Geelani also appealed the judiciary of the state to take into consideration the ‘atrocities’ being committed on the people of the state before passing any judgment on the serious issues. “It is being believed that the suppressed nations do not get justice and we have cases of the youth who were declared innocent by the court after 14 years of detention.”

Commenting over his recent release from the house confinement, Geelani said that the court is yet to pass the judgment over his ‘continuous house detention’. “Our advocate submitted before the court that my house arrest is illegal but even after the 4 months the judgment is pending in the court of law.”

Stating that only people could make the boycott call successful in  the forthcoming polls, Geelani said that the pro-freedom leadership guides people over the right and wrong and that it is then the people whether they follow the calls or not. “Prophets have guided people about righteousness but if people do not follow them, we cannot blame the prophets. It is people of the state who should understand that polls should be boycotted for the sake of the sacrifices that more than six lakh people have rendered since 1947.

Refusing to comment over the recent statement of Additional General Secretary National Conference (NC) that Delhi backs Geelani in uprooting NC, Geelani said that people know better that the NC leadership always issue the ‘confused’ statements. “One calls me leader and another accuses me of uprooting NC. They take people for granted believing that people do not have the maturity to analyse the situation around.”


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