Geelani unleashing agenda of death, destruction: Pandits

KL Report


According to statement of a Kashmiri Pandit group headed by an eminent Supreme Court Lawyer and KP leader Ashok Bhan, Hurriyat leader “Syed Ali Geelani is opposing the return of Pandits and he is unleashing agenda of death, destruction.”

The statement said that it is sad that a “legitimate visit” to a pilgrimage few hundred Kashmiri Pandits to Kousar Naag has been scuttled by devious and mischievous manner by Omar Abdulla Govt. “The most hurting part is its politicization by Syed Geelani and  other radical and  subversive elements,” the statement said.

“ Geelani and  his likes, by their cowardice and  insult to the conscience of Kashmiris and  age old ethos have reminded the Kashmiri Society of Sultan Sikandar era of Kashmir history,” the statement said adding “He (Geelani) does his politicking by inflicting insult after insult to Kashmiriyat to promote his anti-Kashmiri death and destruction agenda without any sense of the history.”

“Geelani and his likes have been unleashing the agenda of death and destruction and disharmony with a concerted plan to oppose the return of Kashmiri Pandits back in the Valley. Pandits being the aborigine with more than 5000 years of roots engraved in the soil of Kashmir have every right to return and live in the Valley with full rights including the right to pursue their religion and visit any place of pilgrimage. Kashmiris in general and Pandits in particular have braved and fought back all the persecutions and the outsiders,” the statement said.


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