Geelani’s August 14 Message to Pakistan

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While extending heartfelt greetings to the people, government and army of Pakistan on their Independence Day, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said, “due to the support of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the Right to Self Determination of the Kashmiri nation, this is our most favoured and supportive country, so we always pray for the peace and stability of this country and we are of the view that a strong Pakistan is very vital for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.”

According to a statement issued on Tuesday, while repeating the shutdown call for 15 August, Geelani said that they do not have any enmity with India or its people but our fight is with the rulers and policy makers of this country who have snatched our freedom and who are a main hurdle between Kashmir’s Right to Self Determination.

“Pakistan is the centre  or the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri nation and after the Almighty Allah, Pakistan is the only visible support in our freedom struggle who every time supports our right to self determination at national as well as international levels and who have always helped the subjugated Kashmiris at political, diplomatically and moral levels,” Geelani said in a message to Pakistan on its August 14 celebrations.

He said that the existence of Pakistan have proven a ‘great blessing’ for the Muslims of the sub-Continent and it has played a vital role in giving a recognition to the minority community of the region.

“Even after the 67 years, the mad and communal minded people of India are still to accept the existence of those Muslims who remained with India and according to the Justice Sacher Committee Report, they are continuously being pushed backward in every sphere of the life and they are not safe in India. If the existence of Pakistan would have not came into being then the condition of the Muslims of the sub-continent would not have been better than this because even then they were minorities here and the fear of a powerful Muslim country in the neighbourhood would not have existed,” he said.

Geelani said, “our affection and attachment with the Pakistan is not merely on the bases of emotions but we have strong reasons and arguments for this. If this country would not have been backing us, then in the crime of demanding our freedom, not only we would have been eliminated in one go but the Muslims living in India would have been forced to migrate from here by the communal forces of India.”

Expressing his deep concern over the present situation of Pakistan, the pro-freedom leader of Kashmir said that on the one hand this country is the victim of the external conspiracies of America, Israel and India and on the other hand some unpleasant friends have internally created a serious situation for this country, the statement quoting Geelani as having said.

While addressing the politicians of the Pakistan, Geelani said that this country can’t afford any unpleasant activity by its own people whatsoever their purpose is, it will further disturb the situation in this country and it will only help the enemies of this nation to succeed.

Greeting particularly the Pakistan army, Geelani said, “this army has dual responsibilities: it not only has to protect the geographical borders of Pakistan but it has also the responsibility to protect the ideological boundaries of this country.”

He added, “this country has been created on the name of Islam and only Islam is the can guaranty the peace, stability and the bright future for this country and for which the Pakistan army can play a vital role.”


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