Geelani’s Glimpse Attracts Crowd At Dr Khuroo’s Clinic

KL Report


After a long time the presence of senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani in Srinagar city was felt by people in Srinagar. Large number of people gathered in front of the clinic of gastroenterologist specialist Dr M.S.Khuroo located at Qamarwari Srinagar when the ailing leader was brought there under police custody for health check up.

According to reports, after a long time, Syed Ali Geelani was allowed to come out from his residence to go for a medical checkup but police personnel accompanied him all the way and soon after returning from the clinic he was again placed under house arrest.

Talking to reporters outside the clinic, Geelani alleged that police is not only torturing the youth in police stations but also demand ransom against their release. “Those who fail to pay the ransom are being booked under Public Safety Act. This is the height of tyranny on part of Jammu and Kashmir police.

Coming down heavily on India for spreading hatred and communal disharmony in Kashmir, Geelani said that Indian agencies could not succeed in their designs. “The policy which India is adopting in Kashmir is the same policy that British used to apply on them. India is itself a slave to Western traditions,” he said.

Geelani appealed people of Budgam to maintain peace and clam. “We must understand and realize that our God is one, our Kalima is one, our Quran is one and our Prophet is one. We must understand the tricks of our foes and show unity,” he said.

He said that Gool incident amply shows the intentions of India in Kashmir. “BSF personnel fired upon innocent unarmed persons and now the BSF is trying to clean its blood stained hands,” he said adding that seeking freedom from India should be the ultimate aim of people of Kashmir


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