General Rawat’s statement on Kashmir exposes his frustration: DeM



Terming the recent statement by Army chief, Bipin Rawat, that “Kashmiris should forget Azaadi” as his frustration.

The spokesman of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Rifat Fatima, on Friday said that it was a classic example of how the arrogance of power can turn a human being into a beast.

A file image of DeM chairperson Syed Asiya Andrabi

She said that such characteristics determine the violent nature of the head of army forces. “History is witness to the fact that the materialistic resources or numbers in terms of men and machinery do not determine the fate of war. But it is the steadfastness on the true path that helps them to break the chains of slavery,” the spokesman quoted DeM saying.

By issuing such statements will only help to boost the morale of the people of Kashmir. “The reward for our struggle is from the Almighty Allah and nothing can match that reward,” she said.

She said that in 2016, when “Operation All-out” in Kashmir, was launched Rawat had said that armed struggle will end by 2017, he even set the deadline to 2018. “But now he says that this is an unending process which has expressed his helplessness,” she added.


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