Genesis of Political Turmoil Lies in Erosion of Special Status: NC



National Conference Monday while welcoming the observations of the Hon’ able High Court of Jammu and Kashmir in response to a writ petition said that the “genesis of the political turmoil in the State lies in the erosion of the State’s special status and internal autonomy that was guaranteed to the State in a negotiated accession”.

NC Spokesperson in a party statement said, “National Conference’s political struggle seeking restoration of Internal Autonomy as a viable solution of the Kashmir Issue stands vindicated yet again through the observations of the Hon’ able High Court.”

“Not only was the conversion of Sadar-e-Riyasat into Governor a move that violated the constitutional sanctity of the State’s special status but so was the illegitimate, unconstitutional deposition of Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah as a popular, elected Prime Minister. Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah’s replacement by pliant rulers and regimes not only violated the terms of J&K’s constitutional arrangement with the rest of the country but also manifested itself as turmoil and discontent at various phases of our history. Our party has demanded the restoration of Internal Autonomy as a stated, official stand with consistence and commitment and we will continue to do so,” NC Spokesperson said.

“Incidentally of all the pliant characters who played a pivotal role in the erosion of Article 370 and the State’s special status, our present Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed played a special role and was part of almost every single constitutional intrigue against J&K and its people. While Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah spent more than two decades of his life in prison for his valiant struggle against tyranny and these constitutional intrigues against the State, there were rulers, regimes and politicians who sold their conscience to the highest bidders to enjoy the spoils of power. In doing so they eroded the State’s special status and bartered away the dignity of our people for portfolios and power,” the NC Spokesperson said.

The NC Spokesperson also welcomed the Hon’ able High Court’s directives to the State Government to hoist the State flag on all official buildings and vehicles of the constitutional authorities and said this should bring a stop to violations by Cabinet Ministers who refuse to hoist the State Flag on their official vehicles.

“While the State Government was backed into fear of abandonment by its alliance partner into revoking the circular on the State Flag, the High Court’s directives have come as a ray of hope. It has become a routine affair that various Cabinet Ministers do not allow the hoisting of the State Flag on their official vehicles and the High Court should take cognizance of these incidents and this directive should also serve as a note of caution to one and all,” the NC Spokesperson further added.


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