Get united; show door to black sheep: Salahudin tells separatists

KL Report


Militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahudin Wednesday appealed to different separatist groups having same political ideology to get united in the interest of Kashmir ‘freedom struggle against India’.

In a statement issued to CNS, Hizb spokesperson, Salim Hashmi said that Syed Salahudin while addressing the Hizb Command Council said, “Unity is the need of the hour and all the groups having same political ideology should get united in the interest of those martyrs who laid down their lives to get rid from Indian occupation.”

Syed Salahudin said that time has come that ‘black sheep’ present in different separatist groups should be exposed and shown door. “People have sacrificed their precious lives for this sacred freedom movement while more than seven lakh Army troopers failed to suppress this movement and quell the sentiments of people,” he said.

Appealing people of Kashmir to boycott the upcoming Parliament and Assembly elections, he said, “India is using election card to defame the ongoing freedom movement in Kashmir.”


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