GMC Jammu Holds B.1.617 Variant Responsible For Covid19 Havoc


SRINAGAR: As per the recent sequencing data analysis of positive Covid19 patients received from NCDC, New Delhi, B.1.617 variant is responsible for the recent surge in Covid19 cases in the Jammu division, a DIPR spokesman said in Jammu.

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Principal and Dean Government Medical College, Jammu, Dr Shashi Sudhan Sharma said that the Department of Microbiology at GMC, Jammu besides testing of Covid19 samples is also coordinating with NCDC New Delhi for routine sequencing of positive sample and as per the latest report received from them UK Variant was reported in >60% samples in March 2021.

However, in April the percentage of UK Variant dropped to 47% and B.1.617 increased from 5.8% to 38%. It is pertinent to mention here that the variant of SARS COV.2 has been observed to originate from a specific geographic location and with time was able to move to other locations of the Globe.

These two variants found circulating in the UT have the UK and the Western Coastal States as the sites where the original virus mutated, the spokesman said, insisting their observed change in frequency in UT is through Epidemiological investigation.

Dr Shashi Sudhan Sharma further added that till date 434 samples have been sent to NCDC from Jammu Division among which a report of 64 samples is still awaited.


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