God Is Listening


For many this is not at all a matter of debate. It has been happening always thus no need to panic is the most offered response. And this is not forever. It is for a month only. But one cannot negate the fact that a large number of population suffers just became a few feel like praying according to their taste.

The holy month of Ramadan has just begun and thus begins the debate over legality and sanctity of using loudspeakers during odd hours. The month of Ramadan is the best time to connect with Allah and in order to do so one does not need a loudspeaker. All you need is peace of mind and will to do so. But with loudspeakers blazing through the silent nights it becomes scary and traumatizing. Of all things, religion should be the last thing that one tries to force over others. There is no point in depriving people of their precious sleeping hours that too during Ramadan when one has to get up at Sehri again. One can still be religious without torturing his neighbour or fellow citizens. Being religious does not mean that we have to wear our identity on our sleeves all the time.

It is sad that different ideologies and sects compete with each other in their effort to please Allah. They have devised ways to beat each other by using hi-tech gadgets, modern speakers etc to claim their supremacy over religion.

And while doing so they cause unspeakable inconvenience people living in the vicinity of their mosques. If a person dares to speak against this torture his complaint is viewed as a sacrilegious act.

One fails to understand that why we need to score points over others when it comes to showing how religious we are. Allah knows what is in your hearts and thoughts, so using a big loudspeaker to seek his mercy seem absurd. It only infuriates people who wish to connect with Allah in silence.

The more we give thrust to such unimportant issues the more we create differences and divide within the society.

The sectarian or ideological divide is not only dangerous but devastating too for all of us. No religion tells us to torture our neighbours in order to make them follow a desired path. It should be a matter of choice and not compulsion! Remember God listens without loudspeakers too.


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