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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) President and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Friday castigated the Government of India (GoI) for allegedly treating the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir as Second-Class Citizens and showering all packages on the Kashmir Pandits. Rashid was addressing party workers at Hengrikoot Handwara.

“On the one hand in central Budget  a fund of Rs 500 crore will be earmarked for providing support to Kashmiri Pandits for rebuilding their lives. The Narendra Modi government has flagged rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants, who left the valley in 1990, as its priority and, ahead of the budget, a series of meetings were held between officials of the state and the Centre on this paradigm while as on the other hand Muslims of the state who have bore the worst brunt of violence especially the state suppression have been ignored,” Rashid said.

He added “The Kashmiri Muslims who have become orphans, destitute and widows are facing total neglect and those Kashmiris who became internal migrants in their own land due to torture by renegades have been always left in lurch and coffers have been thrown wide open for Kashmiri Pandits.”

He said that the BJP led government in Center is embarking on a series of communal steps- Ignoring the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir and trying to rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits in ghettos rather than among the local populace. While as militants who were  hoodwinked in the name of rehabilitation policy and brought back from Pakistan via Nepal too have been facing harsh treatment by Government of India as their families are being starved and compelled to take harsh steps like suicide.

“This harsh treatment being meted out to the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir is adding fuel to fire and complicating already vexed situation further,” said Rashid.


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