Goni To File ‘Defamation Suit’ Against Kamal

KL Report


The former political secretary of Farooq Abdullah and congress’s new entrant Muhammad Aslam Goni Sunday said that he would file the ‘defamation’ suit against National Conference’s Additional General secretary Mustafa Kamal over the statements regarding the funding scam in Cricket association of Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Goni said that the allegations leveled by Kamal against him over the funding ‘fraud’ in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) are ‘baseless’. Goni further alleged that Kamal has issued the statement sans any documental proof and has hence tried to tarnish his public image.

Pertinently, Mustafa Kamal recently alleged that Aslam Goni is ‘wholly and solely’ responsible for the ‘funds scam’ in JKCA.  Kamal had further accused Goni of saving his skin by joining congress.

Goni while reacting over the statement questioned that why kamal was silent over the issue till now. “Why he wasn’t reacting at all till now if he knew that I am responsible for the fraud,” said Goni. He further added that being the president of the association he has not signed a single cheque .

“It is being investigated by the police and I have given the statement in this regard.” Goni further mentioned that he did not know anything about the scam till it got unearthed.

Refuting Kamal’s allegation that he requested NC patron Farooq Abdullah to save him from JKCA and that when he refused, he joined the congress camp,Goni said that Kamal is famous for his bizarre statements. “Farooq sb pehle khud ko bachaee (Let Farooq sb save himself first).” He further mentioned that he doesn’t want to reveal the full story now.

Goni, whose name recently surfaced in the new entrants of Congress, said that he will very soon make the documents public about the JKCA ‘money scam’ so that people could themselves understand who the real culprit is.


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