SRINAGAR:  “Story related to good governance, or positive intervention by GoI hardly finds any mention in the online news portal (” — these are some of the many allegations levelled against journalist Fahad Shah by the Jammu and Kashmir administration, according to the Public Safety Act (PSA) dossier.

The dossier which forms the basis of the PSA detention order passed by Deputy Commissioner Srinagar also accuses the young journalist of being an “anti-national element under the cover of journalism.”

“SSP, Srinagar has reported in the dossier that being ahead of “Kashmirwalla” online news portal ( you are continuously propagating stories which are against the interest and security of the Nation and the stories mostly highlight the allegations that of Kashmir conflict and Indian State highhandedness.”

Through your online news portal (, the dossier states: “you are continuously propagating stories in a particular selective narrative which is in line with the ISI/separatist propaganda.”

Over the last two years, the dossier says: “you have followed a selective/ particular pattern of disseminating anti-India sentiment in a very subtle manner mostly though some of the stories are brazenly provocative as well.”

“Every citizen has a right to protest however the stories recorded above clearly reflect that a divisive attempt was made thereby provoking the ideology for street protest and violence,” it reads, a copy of which is with GNS, adding, “You legitimize and romanticize stone pelters and other instruments of violence.”

Each heading of “your story” highlights the “propaganda content you seek to spread”, it says.

“Your modus operandi is to carry one to two stories per month which are based entirely on the victimhood narrative that portrays Anti-India sentiment, glorifies stone pelters, (militants), and justifies separatism and violence,” it said, adding, “Your news portal extensively carries only one-sided and selective stories of a particular singular Anti State narrative, while any other news item or story related to good governance, or positive intervention by GoI hardly finds any mentions in the online news portal (”

According to his lawyer and family, Fahad was not released when the court granted him bail in two cases but only his custody was changed from one case to another.

Interestingly details of the three cases filed against Fahad in police stations of Pulwama, Imam Sahib Shopian and Safa Kadal Srinagar finds mentioned in the dossier: “Substantive laws have been invoked against you but after every release, you did not mend your ways despite being given many chances with the hope that you may not indulge in such activities further.”

“You are an anti-national element under the cover of journalism and have always been found provoking, instigating gullible masses against the Government of India & Govt. of J&K through both electronic and print media,” the dossier reads, adding, “You have been found working against the ethics of journalism and misusing your profession by posting anti-national content which has a multi-dimensional adverse impact on sovereignty and unity of Country.”

Under the guise of journalism, the dossier says, (Fahad) has been actively posting content and news against the government, and its policies in such a “dramatic way that it strikes the target (gullible youth) on just a glimpse of same, but also has a deep penetration in the roots of society resulting from that seeds of hatred purely based on fake, disbelief and especially anti-national ideology are sown.”

Referring to Fahad’s tweets, the dossier reads: “You are filled with hatred against the Union of India and even a layman can judge your intentions by visiting or accessing your social media timeline.”

The dossier further reads: “You could not mend your ways and instead have chosen to continue with your subversive activities and your remaining at large will be a serious threat to the security of UT of J&K. You are highly motivated to carry on the illegal designs and are not likely to desist from such anti-national and anti-social activities.”


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