Gool Killings: Jamaat-e-Islami Rejects IG BSF’s Claims

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Jamaat-e-Islami has out rightly rejected the “concocted, misleading and fabricated” story of Inspector General BSF justifying the massacre at Dharam Gool on July 18 when BSF personnel fired on peaceful protestors indiscriminately without any provocation and killed a number of innocent Muslims who were expressing their anger against the desecration of Allah’s Book and ruthless beating of Imam.

“These merciless forces started unprovoked firing upon the orders of the communalist Deputy Commissioner S V Meena. The 1931 killings by Dogra police, Jalianwala Bagh mass killing by General Dyer and all such type of massacres were always justified by the imperialist forces in the similar manner” Jamaat spokesman Adv Zahid Ali said in a statement to KNS.

“Meena should have been behind the bars along with all involved BSF and police personnel had this state been ruled by law but in this lawless state everyone knows that after passage of time the matter will be hushed up just like other graver matters and the baseless devilish theory will be admitted in the form of enquiry report and all killers will be exonerated from all charges and mysterious ‘anti-national elements’ will be blamed for all this mess and BSF personnel involved in this massacre will be awarded for showing extra-ordinary restraint and bravery while dealing with this complex situation and they will get state honours,”  he added.

The spokesman alleged that the people at the helm of affairs here have already sold their faith and conscience for the sake of their vicious interests to the Delhi Darbar. “There are many Sonus (Shiv Kumars–fake encounter experts) in every Indian force including police who have been knowingly kept there for being occasionally used for massacre of Muslims here. Even in India Muslims are not safe which is proved by the fact that the admitted killer of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat is now being presented as a candidate for Prime Minister-ship in India,” he said.

“The killing of an innocent human being is considered as most detested heinous crime but in India communalists do not treat Muslims as human beings and as such not many Indians do regret upon any innocent killing of Muslims. In such an atmosphere how can we, the hapless Muslims expect any justice from an administration which is controlled by authorities like IG BSF who in the broad daylight denies the very existence of the shining sun,” he added.

Jamaat e Islami while strongly condemning the “brutal action of lawless Indian forces” appealed the International Human Rights Forums to take immediate notice of all the incidents of human massacre here and fix the responsibility upon the violators and aware the world community about the sordid situation the hapless Muslim population is facing here at the hands of security forces “who have got general immunity from any legal action for whatever brutality they commit under various inhuman laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act.”

The Jamaat asked the Hurriyat leadership to come together and form a joint strategy for the safeguard of life and dignity of the people they represent.



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