‘Governor Gets Two Advisors Next Week’

KL Report


Jammu and Kashmir Governor NN Vohra who has assumed all the powers of the state government may get two advisors to assist him, KNS has learnt.

Reliable sources said that though the choice lies with the Governor to appoint a council of advisors, the central government after feeling that the Governor Rule may stretch for long period in Jammu and Kashmir is likely to appoint two advisors next week to assist Governor.

“Though the names have not been declared by the Centre government however a former bureaucrat who was considered an honest official and has worked in Raj Bhawan and one of the commissioner Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir government who is also known for honesty is in the front race,” source said and added that the appointment of council of two advisers depends on whether the Governor rule will remain for a long period or not.

It is to mention here that Vohra, who is presently the head of the state, served as Governor of J&K from 2008 to 2013, was re-appointed for a fresh term in 2013.

Prior to his appointment as the Governor, Vohra has served government of India in different capacities including Union Home Secretary and held different positions in Ministry of Defense during his stint there for eight years. He was recalled from retirement to serve as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India in 1997-98.

An expert on Kashmir, Vohra served as Government of India’s special representative for carrying out dialogue in J&K from 2003-08.

The new government is required to be constituted before January 19 when the term of the current Assembly expires. So far no political party or group emerged or claimed to be commanding a majority in the newly-elected legislative assembly and no political party or combination has come forward to form a stable government despite efforts in this regard.


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