Issues are Discussed in Closed Door Meets: BJP

KL Report


The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday said it wants a concrete and strong coalition with the PDP so that the state could witness an overall development in coming time.

Top BJP sources wishing not to be named in the report, told KNS that the talks with the BJP have began with full swing and in very near future a formal announcement shall be made.

“We have began the process of talks and both sides are in contact with each other. As far as the formal talks are concerned, which both the parties nullify at present, that would be a formality. Decisions are made in the closed door talks and not in the formal ones,” one of the senior BJP leaders said.

Sources informed further that the main agenda that is being discussed at present is about the rotational chief minister from both the parties.

“This is one of the issue that is seriously being discussed during the talks but you cannot term it a hurdle in giving shape to the common minimum program,” sources said.

Sources within BJP also said that it is taking too much time in forming the government only because both the parties want a strong coalition which would not be marred by uncertainties in future.

“We want such a coalition that will be strong and concrete. We don’t want any sort of alliance with the PDP which today will be formed and tomorrow broken,” says the BJP leader.


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