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While terming the statement “No talks with GOI without Kashmir” of Pakistan Prime Minister’s national security advisor Sartaj Aziz as encouraging for the Kashmiri nation, Hurriyat Conference (G) appealed the Pakistan government to remain firm over their present stand with regarding to the Kashmir and don’t show an kind of flexibility in the stand.

Hurriyat (G) said that Pakistan is paying a heavy prize for supporting the right to self determination of the Kashmiri people and India has direct involvement in the worsened internal situation of Pakistan and she is providing finance and weapons to the terrorists of this country. In a statement issued to the press, Hurriyat spokesman said, “The communal and the fascist forces of India have first time got a strong backing of the government and they want to have an optimum gain from this and they want to eliminate the international status of the Kashmir dispute on both internal and external levels. It is the most crucial stage and the Pakistani leadership should deal this situation with extra caution, courage and farsightedness. He said that the policies of the Indian imperialism are the outcome of their sick mentality and they not only want to implement their expansionist designs at any cost but they also want to go ahead by trampling down their comparatively weak neighboring countries. Crushing down the nations who show any kind of weakness before them has although become the permanent external policy of India but they did not stand before the country which shows courage and boldness to them.”

The Hurriyat statement reads that the submissive and flexible Kashmir policies of the Pakistan in the past has proven to be very damaging and it has become an important factor for the delay caused to the solution of this dispute but the stand which the present Pakistan government adopted after the retired general Musharaf has been very encouraging and at appropriate time and if they continued this policy then in the changing world scenario, India can’t stand on its traditional rigidness and stubbornness and it will then be beyond the limitations of India to overlook the facts and realities regarding to the Kashmir issue. Jammu & Kashmir is a human issue and not a bilateral dispute of the two countries. It is the issue of 13 million people and it is impossible to suppress their wishes and aspirations forever and nor is it possible to ignore their precious sacrifices. India claim to be the big democracy in the world and it is also desirous to become the permanent member of the UN Security Council but its policies regarding to the Kashmir are outdated and unrealistic and in coming days, it will severely affect its image. Holding of referendum in Scotland on the demand of its people in the beginning of the 21st century has set a new trend in the world and the tradition of giving priority to the will and wishes of the people have gained importance. If India continued its rigid and stubborn approach towards the Kashmir issue, then it will have to face numerous unanswerable questions over its democratic claims and its permanent membership in the UN Security Council. Hurriyat strongly condemned the direct involvement of India into the terrorist activities inside the Pakistan and said that they are supplying weapons and finance to destabilize this country. While appealing world community to take serious notice of this situation, Hurriyat Conference expressed their apprehension that these blunders would increase the already instable and uncertain situation in the region and it will finally place the lives of millions of people of the India and Pakistan in danger. The lingering Kashmir dispute is a big factor for the disharmony and instability in this South Asian region and until this long pending dispute is not resolved according to the wishes and aspirations of its people, the possibilities of a destructive war can’t be rejected.


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