Governor reviews disbursement of relief under PMNRF

KL Report


Following the directions of the Governor, NN Vohra, to furnish all pending Bank details to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) by 31st January, 2015, a reconciliation exercise has been carried out by the Divisional Administration Kashmir with the NDMA. Consequent to this exercise, relevant details have now been furnished in respect of 1194 cases out of the  total of 1299 cases which had been earlier rejected/ withheld on account of various deficiencies.

 Out of 1299 rejected and withheld cases, by the NDMA, 1194 cases of beneficiaries of damaged pacca and kutcha houses have been clarified by the Divisional Administration.

It was disclosed that 108 rejected and 247 withheld cases have been cleared in district Anantnag, 74 rejected and 214 withheld cases cleared in Budgam district, 2 rejected and 106 withheld cases cleared in Shopian district and 28 rejected and 80 withheld cases have been cleared in Pulwama district.

It may be recalled that the Governor had ordered that there should be no delay in the disbursement of relief under PMNRF merely due to any deficiency in the Bank Account details of the beneficiaries.

The Governor had also directed the Divisional Commissioners of Kashmir and Jammu to ensure that the requisite information sought by the NDMA regarding full details of Bank Accounts in respect of all remaining cases should be also immediately made available to them.

Payment has so far been released by the NDMA in 13,000 cases of fully damaged pucca/kutcha houses out of PMNRF, the spokesperson added.


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