Governor Rule is a Non-Issue: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


While terming the imposition of the Governor’s rule in the state as non-issue, Hurriyat Conference (G) Saturday said “state of Jammu & Kashmir is actually governed by the Indian home ministry, Army and police and the so-called state administration acts merely as a show boy.”

In a statement issued on Saturday, Hurriyat (G) spokesperson said that may it be the governor’s rule, BJP-PDP coalition or the grand alliance of PDP-NC-Congress in the state, “there will be no impact over the illegal and forced occupation of the Jammu & Kashmir state and the Kashmiri people will continue its struggle against this forced occupation.”

“If the history reminds us the tyrannical period of the Kashmir’s history during the rule of governor Jagmohan when the hundreds of innocent people were brutally killed and murdered but there was no letup in these incidents in the so-called civil governments also. The brutal task force was made in the period of Farooq Abdullah who killed hundreds of innocent people in the custody and Farooq Abdullah on records has said that “there is no vacancies in the jails now so, instead of arresting the people, kill them on the spot”,” he alleged.

“The double murder and rape case of Asiya and Neelofar happened in the regime of Omer Abdullah and instead of punishing the culprits the Omer gave them clean chit on the very first day of the incident and declared it an accident and said that they have drowned in the Nallah. In 2010, 125 innocent students were murdered in the target firing and till now no case has been registered against the murderers. Thousands of people were booked under the black law of PSA. In this way the regime of Mufti Mohammad Sayed was not different from his predecessor and there was no letup in the difficulties and the miseries of the people of Kashmir. Hurriyat Conference said that this issue is meaningless for the people of Kashmir that whosoever will be appointed for the chair of power Omer Abdullah, Mufti Sayed or Ghulam Nabi Azad or the governor’s rule is imposed but the first and the last problem of the common Kashmiri is the forced and the illegal occupation of India and they will continue their struggle against this forced occupation in any way and at any cost,” the spokesperson claimed.


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