Govt Orders Installation Of High Tech Hospital Equipments Above Flood Level

KL Report


The state government has issued an order directing healthcare authorities to install the electronic testing equipments especially Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) Scan along with their support components above the flood levels in all the hospitals across the state.

Talking to KNS, Taj Mohi-u-Din, minister for health and medical education said that the order has been issued in view of the losses suffered by the hospitals during the devastating floods. “Our hospitals have suffered a loss of Rs 240 Crores and the major chunk of this loss is because of high tech testing machinery that was installed on the ground floors of different hospitals,” Taj said,   while confirming about issuance of an order in which the hospital authorities have been directed to install the high tech testing machineries along with their support components like generators and oxygen concentrators on the first floor at least above the flood level.

Taj said that the state government has procured a CT scanning machine from a German company on concessional rates (Rs 1.31 Crore) and the same has reached Delhi. “We expect that  this machine will soon be installed at super specialty hospital here and with regard to MRI machine, I want to inform you that it basic component has been revived  and the same is being shifted to its new place in the same hospital,” the minster for health and medical education informed.

Taj said that all the hospitals in the city are functional and the authorities at the helm of peripheral hospitals have been directed to refer the patients to the city hospitals only in case of emergencies. “Our bio chemistry and pathology has started working and similarly other departments are on toes to restore their services,” Taj added.

When asked about the vaccination programme, the minister informed that the government of India funded vaccination programme has exceeded a target of 9 Lakh children between the age group of 6 months-15 years. “We are giving vaccines against measles and children have been administered Vitamin-A injections besides giving them polio drops as per the protocol. Hepatitis vaccines were not required as they are not recommended by the WHO nor were they in our protocol. There are no vaccines for cholera and not a single case has been reported of an epidemic,” Taj added.


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