Govt pushing private education to BOSE mediocrity, leaves bigger schools free

SRINAGAR: The Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) has called on the Education Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari to revoke the partisan government order that requires local private schools to teach Board of School Education (BOSE) books whereas giving free choice to CBSE approved schools.

The Association said that the order approved previously needs a relook immediately as it has a potential to destroy entire local quality education sector. “A circular has been issued ordering all local Kashmiri private schools to teach the low quality BOSE books,” an Association leader said. “Ironically those so called high end CBSE schools have been left out of the order. This is to benefit just these schools and the students studying at these places.”

The Association said that the new order will benefit few schools and couple of thousand students from rich families only. “Even government agrees that the BOSE books are of low quality and cannot compete with the modern world. So forcing such books, which have already destroyed government schools, on the private schools will be a certain road to doom,” the Association said. “Most of our schools are economy class but they never compromise on quality education. It is due to their dedication and method of teaching that our education sector has produced so many gems.”

The Association said that the new order will affect around six lakh students and it will be a biggest anti-Kashmir order in recent years. “On one hand government is claiming to be promoting Kashmiri industry but on the other hand in education sector it is acting opposite to it,” the Association said. “We appeal the Education Minister to revoke the order to save the future of lakhs of Kashmiri students.”

The Association said that if BOSE provides quality books, they will have no issue to use them in their schools. “But present books of BOSE are equal to disaster,” the Association said.

The Association also said that conducting of examination for Class 5 to Class 8 by SIE is another conspiracy to strangulate the private schools. He said this is happening nowhere in India.


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