Leopard visited Haj House, leaves 7 injured

SRINAGAR: A leopard has suddenly appeared in Bemina belt and has left seven persons injured. Two of them were from Wild Life department, official sources said.

Details revealed that a leopard was reported to have taken refuge in the under-construction maternity hospital on Saturday evening. After it started attacking people, the wildlife department was informed. It sent its people of which two were mauled.

It was only on Sunday afternoon that the wild animal was successful tranquilized. It was later driven to the forests.

Officials said they have no idea about how the leopard managed footing such a long distance from the forests.

Of the seven injured, five are civilians. They have been sent to various hospitals. The presence of the leopard has terrorized the entire belt.

This is not for the first time that the wild life is seen in human habitations. A few years back a leopard was caught in Lal Bazar as well.


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