Govt Removes ‘Bottleneck’ over FS Channel Rambagh

KL Report


FS Bridge Rambagh Removed.
FS Bridge Rambagh Removed.

The government Wednesday removed the alternate bridge constructed over Flood Spill Channel in view of the rising water levels in Kashmir valley.

The “makeshift” bridge used to divert traffic plan on Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh Flyover has been ‘blocking’ the flow of the water.

“It is an appreciative step on part of government which instantly removed the bridge as it shall ease the water flow in the Flood Channel,” a local from Rajbagh said.

“Finally the monster is being removed from flood channel that pushed waters to the right bank of the river Jhelum,” a Facebook user posted this to his wall.

Pertinently, the rising water in river Jhelum gets diverted to Flood Spill Channel but the “Makeshift” bridge had curtailed the flow of water in last year’s September floods.

Apparently, taking cue from that, government has ordered the removal of the bridge to save the adjacent areas from ‘imminent’ flood.


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