Govt Stops Salary Of Agitating Patwari’s For Kashmir Division

KL Report


Day after JK Patwari Association extended the ongoing strike indefinitely, government on Tuesday issued directives for withholding the salary of the agitating revenue officials. However, Patwaris claimed that there was no such move reported from Jammu province where also the revenue officials are on strike.

 In a wireless communiqué issued by Assistant Commissioner (C) with Divisional commissioner Kashmir vide No. DIVCOM/Estt-DPA/C49-PTW/1989 Dtd. 30-04-2013, has directed all treasury officers of Kashmir division not to entertain the salary bills of Patwaries/ Girdawars for the month of April.

 “Deputy Commissioners of Kashmir Division shall ensure that the salary of Patwaries/ Girdawars for the Month of April, 2013 is not drawn”, reads the communiqué, a copy of which lies with a local news agency, KNS.

Meanwhile JK Patwari association president Mohammad Yassin Mir told KNS that as per the reports, the order has been issued for Kashmir division only, whereas there wasn’t any such order for Jammu province.


  1. This is in response to
    Divisional commisioner kashmirs Order
    DIVCOM/Estt-DPA/C49 –
    PTW/1989 , DATED
    30-04-2013 ,where in all treasurey officers of
    kashmir division have been
    directed n’t to
    entertain salary bills of
    Patwaris/ Girdawars for the
    month of april . Instead of Talking and
    resolving the long pending
    issues, the govt is
    sleeping in deep slumber .
    The financ Minister is
    showing callous , indiffedrent and step
    motherly attitude in
    resolving the issues that
    are pending since the time
    he took his chair in the
    office. If the govt would have been
    sincere in his efforts
    towards resolving already
    conceded demands , we
    would n’t have been forced
    to strike . The onus is on the govt and Itz they
    who are responsible for all
    this .
    P S
    STOPPING the salaries wont
    dampen our spirits and we will take this
    ongoing strike to its logical
    end and get our matters
    resolved . Is
    anybody listning ??
    Emm Enm Emm


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