GST row: Eng Rasheed exposes all, says politicians confusing people

SRINAGAR: Accusing ruling and the political parties of creating confusion over GST, lawmaker Engineer Rasheed has said that the leadership is yet again letting down people and finding lame excuses to allow Delhi implement what it wants in the state, a statement issued by his AIP said.

Er Rasheed in front of cameras

“Delhi is less worried about financial implications and losses and more concerned in integrating the J&K with rest of country,” he was quoted telling a delegation. “During all the meetings held under chairmanship of CM Mehbooba Mufti and Muzaffar Hussain Beigh, BJP representatives constantly opposed a separate GST for J&K, citing the reason that it will be accepting a nation within the nation, but NC and PDP spend most of the time in blaming each other.”

“NC should not forget that it was Abdul Rahim Rather, then finance Minister, who was moving so fast for implementing GST in J&K,” the statement said. “Now when NC is out of power they are opposing the GST without explaining why they were in favour of GST earlier.” Talking just about safeguarding Autonomy but not telling how NC could have managed to do so, if they would have been in power has exposed the party.

“It is certain that had Mehbooba Mufti been in the opposition she would have been playing same dirty role what NC is doing today vis-à-vis GST,” the statement said.

Engineer termed it an irony that Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti who both want a solution to Kashmir dispute within Indian constitution have not met even once to reach consensus over the GST issue and are rather both trying to show false sympathy to people of state. Rasheed said Congress’s role is even more suspicious and dubious.

Rasheed asked resistance leadership also not to pass the ball in the court of civil society and traders but call all legal and constitutional experts besides trade bodies to discuss the burning issue in detail.

“Aurn Jetly should not show false sympathy to people of state by claiming that if GST is not implemented Kashmiris will suffer huge losses,” Rasheed said. “If New Delhi is so concerned about financial implications of GST on J&K it should compensate losses on Indus Water Treaty, return all power projects without any conditions, allow free trade from J&K to central Asia via Azad Kashmir and facilitate passing a separate legislation by the state assembly without directly extending section 101 of Indian constitution to J&K”


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