Gulshan Book Kashmir enters Limca Book Records 2018 


Gulshan Books Kashmir, a publishing house at Nehru Park, has entered in a Limca Book of Records; Limca Book of Records is the Indian equivalent to the Guinness Book of World Records with emphasis on unique achievements of Indians within the country and abroad.

The Gulshan Books Kashmir is run by Sheikh Muhammad Usman a resident of Srinagar.

The Gulshan Books Kashmir is the only bookshop-library on a lake. The Limca Book Records writes, “Gulshan Books, a bookshop set up in May 2016, has a reading room, a cafe, and over 80,000 books. This bookshop-cum-library, on the Nehru Park Island of the Dal Lake in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, can be reached by a shikara ride. The owner, Sheikh Ajaz Ahmad (46), willingly offers free shikara rides to everyone keen to read books on Kashmir and its literature.”


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