Gulzar Bhat Case: Inquilabi Suggests Cooperation with Police

KL Report
Separatist ideologue Mohammad Azam Inqalabi has suggested people to cooperate with police in the investigations in devil darvesh Gulzar Bhat case.

“We must repose faith and trust in the police,” mlocal newsgathering agency CNS quoted Inquilabi saying. “There are scores of honest and dedicated officers who like common people want to bring Gulzar to justice.” He sought stern punishment to Bhat for his shameful deeds.

Inquilabi has stated that police have handled the case excellently. “It’s not people only who got hurt but police which is a part of our society have got hurt as well. There is no scarcity of honest and dedicated officers. They are Muslims too and yearn for the punishment of the fake darvesh Gulzar Bhat,” he added. The separatist has asked police to gather all the important evidences against Bhat.

Meanwhile International Khatm-i-Nabuat Movement (IKNM) has appealed police to take stern action against Bhat’s close aides. “Police should nab all the associates of Gulzar Bhat and should take stern action against those who support and advocate his shameful ‘cause’,” IKNM president, Mufti Mohammad Amin told CNS.


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