Puppets Can Rule, Enjoy And Cry But Not Act: Rashid

KL Report


Independent lawmaker, MLA Langate Er Rashid expressed Omer Abdullah’s speech at Baramulla, “an act to befool people and to score political points.”.

Omar Abdullah had on Saturday criticized the PDP MLAs for boycotting the last budget session of state Assembly and thereby letting down the people of the state by not representing their political and developmental aspirations.

Rashid on Sunday in a statement said, “Though Omer Abdullah did not told any lie by lashing out at PDP for boycotting the session but if he was really concerned about his desire that opposition should raise the issues as it was their democratic right and duty, then people of the state have a right to know that why Omer Abdullah and his colleagues were not ready to listen voice of Er Rashid who was representing the true inspiration and sentiments of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Naming Omar Abdullah Rashid said, “If you could not tolerate Rashid, a single independent MLA, why should anybody trust your concern over the boycotting of the proceeding of the house by the PDP.” De added that  Omer Abdulllah must answer that why Er Rashid was marshaled out about two dozen times during the session, man handled and physically assaulted and humiliated every time. “The records of the assembly reveal that whenever Omer Abdullah tried to mislead the house over hanging of Afzal Guru and other political and developmental issues, every time Er Rashid tried to correct the record at the floor of the house, he was dragged out of the assembly. This clearly showed how much regard and respect Omer Abdullah and his team have towards elected public representatives,” Rashid said.

He further added, “Decision to boycott whole assembly session by PDP was purely like a match fixing agreement between PDP, NC, Congress and various intelligence agencies and the central government to avoid debate over the brutal murder of Mohammad Afzal Guru. The drama was staged just to sabotage the resolution seeking mortal remains of Afzal Guru back, the same way as the resolution seeking clemency for Afzal Guru was sabotaged by NC, PDP and Congress at the directions of New Delhi. PDP was asked to boycott the session and thereby given a face saving over Afzal Guru’s murder and Omer Abdullah was made to feel obliged by getting rid of opposition in the assembly.”

“Omer Abdullah’s speech at Baranullah was nothing but to befool people and make them forget about the dirty role played by main stream parties especially with reference to murder of Mohammad Afzal Guru, but people of the state are wise and mature enough to know that who stands for their aspirations,”Rashid said. “It would have been better if Omer Abdullah would have updated people of Baramaulla about the progress made in bringing of killers of Tahir Sofi to justice who was killed when the house was in session and Omer Abdullah was shedding crocodile tears and crying helplessness at the floor of the house but was not ready to tolerate even a single word from Er Rashid who was asking Omer Abdullah a simple question that why Tahir Sofi and others were killed in cold blooded murder. But as usual Chief Minister could not speak a single word neither in Assembly nor at Delna Baramulla over Afzal Guru’s or Tahir Sofi’s murder as nobody other than Chief Minister knows better that puppets can rule, enjoy and cry but not act.”


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