Gulzar Bhat Was Fake Faith Healer: MMU


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The Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU) during its detailed investigation has found that Gulzar Bhat was a fake faith healer and exploiting the religion to suit his vested interests. The investigation found that the impostor was involved in anti-Islamic activities and used to mislead people by twisting the teachings of Islam.

The investigation found that the impostor faith healer changed his name from Gulzar Bhat to Syed Gulzar. It should be noted that Hadith Sahi sternly bar a person from doing such thing.

The fake healer was involved in self styled worship. For example Gulzar Bhat has devised his own Nimaz like Nimaz-e-Milap, Nimaz-e-Ishq, Nimaz-e-Taj etc which is highly prohibited and is compared to Shirq.

The accused used to twist the teachings of Holy Quran and distort the Hadith to suit his own interests. He further used to make mockery of the four sects of Islam and also used to make fun of them.

The fake healer under the garb of spirituality used to spread mysterious falsehood. He also used to term many Halal things as Haram which is absolutely against the tenants of Islam.

He used to defame the people who used to recite the Quran. He would often refer to them as illiterate and ignorant about the basics of how to recite the verses. He would say they are oppressors not erudite since they never supported him in his dirty things.

He would often claim that he is noor and is send by the Allah and his prophet. The fake healer would say those people who would meet this noor, their spirit would get purified which is highly objectionable.

Lastly, the report concluded that the Gulzar used to commit things which were against Quranic teachings, Sunnah and Islam. Hence MMU appeals all people to seriously express their concern over the grave matter and stress upon the government to punish the fake faith healer.


  1. It is obivious when people start interpreting religion according to the tastes and likings of its own party/people, such incidences will come out. Our society has become corrupt in the garb of religion because without knowing about the religion, we start practising it in such a manner which alienates us from the rest of the society. As a result we think more on the lines of super naturality which in turn leads us to fools paradise.


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