Guru’s son Ghalib ‘accesses internet to learn about his father’

KL Report


The son of Parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru accesses internet to learn about his slain father who was sent to gallows two years ago, his mother said Monday.

Tabassum Guru, the wife of slain Afzal Guru, told GNS over phone that his son, Ghalib, a tenth standard student, access internet and searches about his father. “He always questions about his father. He hails him and says he was a good person,” she says, adding: “we including me and my brothers try to divert his attention because I don’t want that it should affect his psyche.” She said her son always saw his father in jail.

Tabassum, who left her job last month, said she wants to give time to her son. “Due to job, I could no focus on Ghalib. “I am concentrating on him and his studies. I also don’t keep well so I left my job,” she said. The wife of Guru lives with her parents in Azad Gunj area of Old Town Baramulla.

She said her son didn’t miss prayers since he saw his father in dream. “Some three months ago, Ghalib said he saw his father in dream and he scolded him over not offering prayers. Ghalib was addicted to listening to a Bollywood song but since that day, he abandoned and now offers prayers regularly and also recites Qur’aan,” she said.

Tabbasum recalled a dream in which Guru had told her that he is alive and she need not to worry. “Basically, after his execution, I used to be worried about his end. I was thinking what had happened with him when he was executed,” she said, adding: “Afzal sahib came to my dream wearing a cream colour ‘Khandress’ and skull cap.”
Recalling his words, she said: “Why are you worried? It didn’t hurt me at the time of execution. Why are you tense? I am alive, always!”


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