H1N1: 41 Positive Cases, 8 In Jammu

KL Report


A spokesman of the Raj Bhawan admitted 41 fresh cases of the Swine Flu positive cases across Kashmir. While eight cases were reported by Directorate of Health Services Jammu, the rest were reported from Kashmir.

SKIMS had already said with new 19 cases reported on Wednesday the overall cases with the institute have reached 172. These exclude 14 cases which were reported by Directorate of Health Services Kashmir from peripheral hospitals.

Offering details of the management, the Raj Bhawan spokesman said 57,000 Tamiflu tablets, 600 N 95 Masks, 600 PPE Units and 90 VTM viles were received today by the Director Health Services in Srinagar. SKIMS also received 20,000 Tamiflu tablets and 2000 H1N1 masks today.

Similarly, 4440 Tamiflu tablets, 300 N 95 Masks, 400 PPE Units and 60 VTM viles were received by the Director, Health Services, Jammu and an additional 200 VTM viles shall be delivered tomorrow.

The review held today disclosed that 7559 patients have so far been seen in OPD in the two medical Colleges and various hospitals of the State. Out of the total 111 samples taken for H1N1, 03 cases have been tested positive, 19 have turned out to be negative and 21 patients have been admitted till date.

As of today, the Directorate of Health Services Jammu (DHSJ) received another 4,440 Tamiflu tablets out of which 400 have been issued to GMC Jammu and 3,600 to the District Hospitals.

Similarly, out of 400 PPE kits received, 200 each have been issued to the GMC Jammu and the District Hospitals. Out of 300 N-95 masks received, in addition to already available 122 masks, 100 masks have been issued to GMC Jammu and 220 to the District Hospitals. 60 VTMs have also been received today. 2410 Tamiflu tablets, 82 VTM, 128 PPEs and 102 Masks are in stock.

The Raj Bhavan spokesperson disclosed that as per the daily situation report received from the Director Health Services Jammu (DHSJ), 152 patients were seen in the GMC Jammu OPD today and 21 samples were taken for H1N1 Influenza. In all 8 cases have been found positive and 19 negative. Report in 84 cases is still pending. Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) has today issued 200 Tamiflu tablets to the CMOs and the District Hospitals, keeping a balance of 2300 tablets. The DHSK has 150 VTM and has issued 65 of them to the CMOs and the District Hospitals.

In SKIMS 145 patients were seen in OPD and 17 samples were taken for tests; 19 cases have tested positive for H1N1 Influenza and 03 patients were discharged in the last 24 hours; 11 patients remain admitted in the Isolation Ward. The total number of cases which have tested positive in SKIMS so far is 172. Today, 20,000 Tamiflu tablets and 2000 masks were received by SKIMS.

Under DHSK hospitals, 473 patients were seen in OPD; 28 samples were tested for H1N1 Influenza; 14 cases tested positive, 03 negative and reports in 11 cases are still awaited.


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