H1N1: One More Patient Expires in Kashmir

KL Report


One more patient expired Tuesday due to H1N1 infection in SKIMS who was admitted on February 9, a SKIMS statement said.

The patient was admitted as a case of Brain Hemorrhage and later tested positive for H1N1 also.

The statement said that 50 Residents/paramedics are receiving vaccination today.

The statement said that 9 patients are admitted in Isolation ward while as 2 patients are being treated in ICCU and both are on Ventilators.

The statement said that two patients have been discharged in last 24 hours. One out of 66 samples in last 24 hours 15 where found positive. 230 patients were seen in OPD today upto 2:30 pm.

SKIMS statement further said that SKIMS has procured 4000 H1N1 Masks and  is  likely to receive 5000- 7000 Tamiflu tablets. Also the list of re reagents/consumables and equipments urgently required for Influenza Laboratory at SKIMS Soura has been submitted to Principal Secretary to Governor of J&K.


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