Pro Freedom Slogans Rock KU, ‘Students Did Not Allow Hoisting Of Indian Flag’

KL Report


Vishal Bhardwaj and his crew Sunday faced a ‘hostile’ situation in Kashmir University’s Naseem Bagh Campus when they landed in the varsity to shoot for their Kashmir based film ‘Haider’. The protests and pro freedom slogans marked the entry of Bhardwaj in the campus. So much so was the situation that the cast and crew had no option, but to leave the venue.

According to students, the entire setup was made during the night and when they came out Sunday morning from their hostels, to their surprise the Naseem Bagh campus was taken by the actors, staff of Bhardwaj’s team and large contingent of Police.

Students further added that the stage of army cantonment was made to shoot a scene ‘ of militants and army’ in the campus.

What infuriated the students was the proposed scene of ‘hoisting Indian Flag’ in the campus. According to eye witnesses, the students dismantled the stage while police resorted to Lathi charge.

Students alleged that three students from the department of Law and MBA were taken by police and kept in Nigeen police station but released after the  intervention of university authorities.

The students castigated university authorities for allowing the director to shoot in the campus and that too the ‘tricolor hoisting scene’. They further demanded an apology from university administration.

“The university administration was with them and facilitated their visit,” said a student wishing not to be named.

He further added that ‘how can university allow such a scene in the campus despite serious human rights violation in Kashmir by the men in uniform.”

Besides ‘tricolor hoisting’, the students said that local artists were asked to shout the slogan of  ‘jai Hind’ which further infuriated the students.

When Contacted, neither Registrar Kashmir University nor PRO received the call.


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