Handwara Girl is Not in Police Custody, says Nayeema Mehjoor



Chairperson State Women’s Commission Nayeema Mehjoor Wednesday said that Handwara minor girl “is not in police custody” but putting up in a relative’s house.

“One or two policemen are with her to make her feel safe as she is feeling insecure and is mentally disturbed,” Mehjoor told CNS adding that Director General of Police K Rajendra had assured her that the girl would be given every possible security if she wishes and she can stay anywhere where she feels safe.

“I myself talked to the girl. She is quite exhausted and disturbed. Even her family members are feeling insecure and are concerned about the security of their child and that is why they are putting up in a relative’s house. I don’t think police have been restricting the movement of the girl,” she said.

“Being Chairperson State Women’s Commission I have to make sure that wherever the girl stays, she feels safe and secure. Police have been cooperating with the Commission and at this point of time it would be wrong to say that police have confined her illegally,” she said.


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