Hanging Nirbhaya rapists, what about Kunan-Poshpora, asks Rasheed?


Asking New Delhi to stop using force against Kashmiris, incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed has strongly condemned “atrocities and use of force against students in Sopore and masses in Shopian, Kulgam, Khudwani” and other places.

Interacting with people of various sections in Islamabad on Friday, Rasheed said that New Delhi is leaving no stone unturned by indulging in false propaganda and character assassination of Kashmiris and their genuine leadership.

In a statement issued here, Rasheed said, “Confirming death sentence to four accused in Nirbhaya rape and murder case has yet again raised questions that Kashmiris are treated differently by Indian state. The same media and Indian intellectuals who are praising Supreme Court for the verdict, are all mum on why couldn’t soldiers in uniform get same punishment for their similar shameless crime in Kunan Poshpora.”

Er Raheed

Rasheed said that it is for sure that the Indian state and its institutions were all in agreement to shield the Indian Army for the so called national interest. “Those calling Kashmiri militants terrorists, should know that people don’t endanger their lives to save terrorists and break the army and police cordons, as happened in Khudwani and Shopian.”

Accusing militants of looting banks is an absolute senseless allegation and falls flat by the logic of New Delhi’s own arguments, Rasheed said.

“It is India that has been accusing Pakistan of funding stone palters. If the allegation is assumed to be true and Pakistan is providing funding to lacs of Kashmiris, why cannot Pakistan fund few hundred militants. Pseudo intellectuals abusing Kashmiris in air-conditioned TV studios should answer why militants would defame themselves by indulging in activities like looting banks. If masses risk their lives for militants, they would offer huge money to militants if they desire so.”



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