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On the eve of World Peace Day, Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir—‘Reality of Kashmir’ released the CD “A tribute to Afzal—a Cultural Aesthetic Tribute to the Resilience and Struggle of people of JK in Srinagar on Saturday. The CD both in audio and video format is comprising of songs of resilience, grief and mourning against the secret hanging of Muhammad Afzal Guru.

Scores of people including journalists, students, and members from Civil Society groups were present on this occasion. Prominent amoung them were Zarief Ahmed Zarief, Dr Altaf Hussain, Zaheer-u-Din, and Dr Mubeen Shah.

Speaking on the occasion, members of Civil Society said that the CD is a tribute to the son of soil Muhammad Afzal Guroo who laid his life for the sacred cause.

Comprising 15 songs in Kashmiri and Urdu, penned by Kashmiri poets and sung by three vocalists, the album will soon be available on the internet for free download. The music director is Naqshab Afridi while the lyrics have been written by Shaheedi, Muztar, Ali Sheda, Ghazi, Sabir, Nadim Kasmi, Fahad and Saif.

The lyrics of one song has been written by Shujat-ul-Islam who was killed in police action in 2010 Summer Agitation.

The voices have been given by Irfan Bilal, Dr Rubeena, Saif Fahad, Shayaan, residents of Bomai Sopore, Shaheed Shujat-ul-Islam and Anonymous.

The cover of disc display pictures of JKLF founder Muhammad Maqbool Bhat, Muhammad Afzal Guroo, his wife Tabassum, son Galib.(CNS)


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