Health Department Jammu to dedicate 136 new ambulances to people


A fleet of 136 new ambulances would soon be dedicated to the people in Jammu division.

According to a Health Department spokesman, there are adequate number of ambulances in the division catering to the healthcare needs of the patients by facilitating them with transportation facilities.

He said a total of 44061 patients were transported by the fleet of ambulances in financial year 2016-17 and 10146 patients have been transported in the first quarter of this financial year 2017-18.

Besides, a call centre for requisition of ambulances has been set up at Directorate of Health Services Jammu to facilitate patients for the request for ambulances just by dialing 102.

Out of 567 ambulances, currently operational 200 ambulances have been fitted with GPS System. Besides, 18 Critical care ambulances are also available for the benefit of critically ill and accident patient.

Meanwhile, 136 new ambulances have been purchased by the Health Department, the deployment of which is being done shortly.


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