Help: A Kashmiri patient admitted in Gurgaon hospital needs immediate financial help


A Kashmiri resident, Sofi Nazir Ahmed, 48, a father of three children, is suffering from a Spinal tumour and needs immediate financial help.

Sofi who was diagnosed with Paraganglioma (Spinal Tumour) in 2012, is presently undergoing treatment at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon (UID number: 000805306), for Metastatic.

He was operated for a tumour in 2012, 2014 and in November last year.

According to Dr Priya Tiwari, Sofi is a known case of recurrent metastatic paraganglioma of the spine. “He has been planned for Lutetium based PRRT therapy. He will require at least three more cycles of PRRT. Also, he would require chemotherapy indefinitely with PRRT and also after PRRT. The total cost of his treatment would be around Rs 30 lakh,” says Dr Tiwar.

According to his family, Sofi was admitted to Fortis Hospital and underwent the PRRT as planned on December 28.“Next morning, around 5:45 am, he developed severe shortness of breath followed by hypotension and was immediately shifted to ICU and was put on a ventilator,” they said.

Sofi, a businessman, is a father of three children and has exhausted all his savings on the treatment. His family has appealed people for the help.

Contact details of the patient

 Contact No. of Patient: 09911418356
Bank Details:

Nazir Ahmed J&K Bank Alamgari Bazar

Account No: 0100040100003006



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