Help: This man has lost his death certificate!

SRINAGAR: An interesting paid advertisement has appeared in a local newspaper on May 20, in which the man is seeking help in tracing his death certificate. It says he has lost the death certificate!

“My death certificate has been misplaced somewhere,” the paid two-column advertisement said. “Now a duplicate certificate is required.”

“If some individual or individuals have any objections, they are requested to submit it to the police station Ajas Bandipore within a week,” the notice said. “Later, no objection would be accepted.”

The notice carries the name of …Dar son of …Dar, resident of Saderkote Balla, Bonpora Bandipore. It even carries his cell phone number.

The notice that was re-published by a scribe on his Facebook wall triggered an interesting series of comments. This seems to be reliving Saadat Mantoo’s famous short story, the mishtake.

Seemingly, the notice is either a proofing mistake or a simple prank played by somebody.


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