Heroic Ashraf saves 2 kids, but dies!

KL Report


A 22 years young boy met a heroic death in Budgam last evening when he saved the lives of two kids from a deep trench before his death. Hundreds of people attended the Nimaz-e-Jinaza of the deceased before Iftaar on the very first day of holly Ramadan.

Mohammad Ashraf Dar son of Mohammad Kazim Dar was busy cutting grass in his ancestral fields Monday in Wahpora village of Budgam district as two kids, hardly between 4 to 6 six years of age were playing on the bank of a trench.

The trench is a part of a brick kiln where most of the labourers are outsiders. The trench is meant for storing water.

Ashraf saw the two kids of Ali Mohammad Dar many times and exchanged smiles with them but suddenly he saw both of them falling into the trench. He cried for help and many people working around ran towards the spot.

Ashraf could not bear the shrieks of the two kids who had fallen some 25 feet deep and probably would be withering. “Many people had reached the spot but it was Ashraf only who decided to act,” said one of the eyewitnesses. “Ashraf jumped into the trench and within few minutes managed to get the two kids out,” he added.

The people waiting on the mouth of the trench received the kids from Ashraf who slipped and fell with a bang into the deep trench.

“Probably, Ashraf’s head had stuck with the hard surface of the trench which took his life,” said another eyewitness.

Ashraf’s body, who was fasting, was recovered late in the day and was buried before Iftaar. The two kids whom he saved were witnessing the funeral procession a little away probably unaware that their ‘Massiha’ was on his last journey.


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