SRINAGAR: Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, VK Bidhuri, stated on Tuesday that the J&K administration has set up a hi-tech Command Control Centre (CCC) for the first time to ensure robust and real-time surveillance of Yatra routes. He emphasised that the centre will play a pivotal role in promptly identifying and addressing problems. Furthermore, Bidhuri mentioned that the established Command Control System will continue to function beyond the Yatra.

“We have set up a Command Control Centre (CCC) for robust and real-time surveillance of Yatra routes, where live feed is continuously monitored to identify any issues. This enables us to provide real-time solutions,” stated Divisional Commissioner Kashmir VK Bidhuri.

He expressed satisfaction that everything, including the weather, has been favorable so far and hoped for the smooth progression of the Yatra by the grace of God. “We have established a robust system to ensure the successful conduct of the Yatra,” added Div Com Kashmir.

He also highlighted that the Command Control Centre enables coordinated decision-making between the administration and other line departments, facilitating prompt actions. Bidhuri explained, “The CCC assists in identifying medical emergencies, potential disasters, locating missing persons, and effectively addressing such situations. This CCC will continue to operate even after the Yatra.”

Moreover, he noted that the flow of the Yatra remains high in the initial days but gradually decreases over time. Currently, all conditions, including the weather, are favorable.

Bidhuri further acknowledged the wholehearted support and coordination of people from all walks of life in facilitating the Yatra this year. He stated, “In previous years, tourists faced difficulties while traveling from one destination to another, but we have taken care of the matter now.”

It is important to mention that the annual Amarnath Yatra commenced on July 1 and will conclude on August 31, 2023. The J&K government has implemented comprehensive security arrangements for the two-month-long Yatra. In addition to local security personnel, the Centre has deployed an additional 60,000 troops to ensure the smooth conduct of the Yatra. (KNS)


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