High Court stays promotion of 49 SIs


Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Tuesday stayed the promotion of 49 Sub Inspectors ordered by Police Headquarters on February 13, 2020, Daily Excelsior reported.

The order has been passed in an application filed by aggrieved Sub Inspectors who had challenged seniority list issued vide Order No. PHQ 2678 of 2019 dated 12.07.2019 to the extent that respondents, who were lower in the merit and juniors to the petitioners, were placed over and above the petitioners.

They prayed for issuance of directions for preparation of fresh seniority list after considering induction merit obtained by the petitioners in the selection process as the same induction merit has been followed by the respondents while preparing the seniority of Sub-Inspectors of a batch of 2000 and 2002.

During the course of hearing, Advocate Jasbir Singh Jasrotia submitted that despite assurance by AAG Raman Sharma, the respondents have acted upon the impugned seniority list and have issued the orders of promotion in favour of 49 private respondents.

AAG Raman Sharma fairly stated that matter was brought to the notice of the respondents and they were asked not to act upon the seniority list and make promotions till the matter is considered by the court. He, however, was not aware as to how and under what circumstances, the promotion order has been passed by the respondents.

After hearing both the sides, Justice Sanjeev Kumar observed, “this is a very serious matter and in case the conduct of the respondents as exhibited by them in defining the directions of their own counsel is continuous, the sanctity of court orders and the trust which this court reposes in the counsel appearing before it would be seriously jeopardized”.

“This is a fit case for indulgence on the basis of merit as such the impugned seniority list as also the consequential order of promotion issued by the respondents vide PHQ order No. 636 of 2020 dated February 13, 2020, is stayed,” High Court ordered, reported Daily Excelsior.


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