Highway ban a measure of collective punishment: Justice Masoodi


Justice Hasnain Masoodi, J&K National Conference candidate for Anantnag Parliamentary Constituency has labelled the highway ban as a measure of collective punishment for the people.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi

In a statement the anti-people decision according to Justice Masoodi amounts to gross violation of human rights and wrongful restraint on the movement of the people, having disastrous fallout on academic career of thousands of students, the livelihood of people lives of patients in need of immediate healthcare and would put the general public to huge inconvenience.

Justice Masoodi in a statement stated that the authorities are emboldened to take such anti-people decisions, lacking justification on any ground whatsoever, due to overtures of PDP to anti-Jammu and Kashmir forces and facilitating their entry into State’s political landscape.

Justice Masoodi pointing to the number of anti-people measures taken by the government during last few weeks like mass arrests, detention of religious leaders, a crackdown on socio-religious organizations stated that ban on movement on the main Highway appears to be the forerunner of more anti-people programs planned in days to come.

While demanding immediate and complete withdrawal of the Highway ban, Justice Masoodi warned people of nefarious designs of the local collaborators of anti-Kashmir forces who during last five years made repeated assaults on autonomy and now wearing a mask of 370 are out to do further damage to the autonomy and implement plans of anti-Kashmir forces.

“The clarifications and exemptions issued, it was stated,  are not workable on the ground and are not to give any relief as people would continue to be harassed in the name identity,” he said.


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