Highway Ban: It is Delhi’s undeclared war against Kashmir, says Er Rasheed


Intensifying his election campaign, AIP Parliamentary candidate for north Kashmir Er Rasheed carried out more than two dozen rallies in Bandipora, Sonawari, Naidkhai, Bathipora, Boon and Rafiabad and thanked people for turning his election campaign into a movement.

Addressing the gatherings Er Rasheed urged masses to vote in huge numbers and become part of the movement.

Er Rasheed said “It is obvious that people have revolted against all anti-Kashmiris forces including NC, PDP and PC who have acted as collaborators of Delhi and reduced themselves to the level of casual laborers of their masters. While some times election boycott becomes a necessity but under changing circumstances casting vote to reject Delhi’s proxies has become mandatory and masses should make a difference between their friends and foes. Kashmiris need to send their ambassadors to the Indian parliament who can tell spade a spade”.

Er Rasheed reiterated that suppressive measures by Delhi have a direct link and relationship with NC, PC and PDP as these parties have sold their conscience.

He said “The worst kind of colonial approach has yet again been exposed as the vehicular traffic on the so-called national high way has been stopped and it is like declaring martial law in Kashmir. Kashmir has been virtually handed over to the army and J&K police have no role whatsoever in dealing with the situation”.

Er Rasheed urged the world community to take notice of  Delhi’s undeclared war against Kashmiris and also asked Indian intelligentsia to read the writing on the wall. Besides Er Rasheed, Sheikh Qawam-u-din Shilwati and Prince Parvez addressed the gatherings.


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