Historical Mughal Road Reopens For Light Vehicles

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Historical Mughal Road which connects different parts of Kashmir, has been reopened for light vehicles giving much relief to the locals as their travel time is reduced.

“This road had been closed for six months due to heavy snowfall. The Chief Minister was also pressing for the reopening of the road as soon as possible. Now the road has been reopened for light vehicles and this will benefit the people of the districts of Rajouri and Poonch. It will be beneficial for the traders who bring in the vegetables. The distance is also less and people from Poonch and Rajouri reach Srinagar in less time,” said Sajjad Khan, the development Commissioner for Poonch district.

The historical Mughal Road officially reopened on Monday by the authorities after being cleared for traffic.
The road was closed in the winter months due to heavy snowfall and the traders and travellers hailed its reopening.
The road acts as a lifeline for the border villages of Kashmir.

Heavy snowfall in the region this year had left locals to bear the brunt of the cold snap as closure of the highway had impeded travel and food supplies.

The local traders are also very happy at the reopening of the road as their travel time is now reduced.

“We used to go to Srinagar and people used to go there from far off places. But we could not go there easily as it was a long route, as we had to go via Jammu. There were problems related travelling as well. Now we can travel again as the Mughal Road has reopened after remaining closed for six months due to heavy snowfall. We were waiting for it to reopen so that we could travel again,” said a local trader.


    • Hi Fayaz,
      I am a tourist and I wish to take the mughal road to go to Srinagar, to try something new. Will You please tell me if there is any sumo or buses ferrying passenger to srinagar by mughal road??
      If yes, then from where? Rajouri, Poonch or Bafliaz???

      Kindly help, because i will be coming on 3rd of June 13.

      • VARUN ,
        you have various option available,
        you can take the sumo from rajouri bus stand , surankote , poonch bus stand. but i command you to go to rajouri that way you can easily reach the sumo


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