Hold Plebiscite If There Is Change In Mood & Sentiments: AIP To Rahul

KL Report


Accusing Rahul Gandhi of distorting facts, Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has strongly reacted to the statement of Gandhi that ‘UPA-1 and UPA-2 has managed to change the mood and sentiments of Kashmiris.

“How can there possibly be a change in the sentiments and mood of the people in Kashmir when there has been no iota of change in the policy of the UPA towards Kashmiris as evidenced by such self-incriminating actions such as the hanging of Afzal Guru and the refusal to return his body to his family, said the party spokesman, Showkat Ahmed Nadvi.

“Rahul Gandhi’s spurious statement about ‘change’ and ‘development’ in Kashmir as well as the fact that he has distanced himself from the issue of the revocation of the AFSPA is a clear evidence of his government’s lifetime disconnect from Kashmir,” he added.

Nadvi said that Gandhi and other leaders who take credit for so-called peace in Kashmir should put their facts together.

“What kind of peace are they talking about in Kashmir when an eighty year old Kashmiri has to get a CID verification for going to Hajj, where local TV channels and SMS have been banned, where a common man has to censor his political views on social media, where an old leader like Geelani sahib has been house arrested and not allowed to meet the people, where the presence of 10 lac Indian soldiers shielded by a draconian law AFSPA against 300 militants is legitimized,” he said.

“Plus why does New Delhi not impose AFSPA in Jharkand where veteran congress leader like V S Shukla and other innocent people were killed by the naxals?  Before they claim to be concerned leaders of Kashmir they should put an end to their double standard policy. If Mr. Rahul Gandhi is so sure about the change in the mood and sentiments of the people in Kashmir, then why does he not persuade Indian leadership to hold a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir?,” he added.


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