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Nearly 50 KPS officers are waiting for induction into IPS as the Home Department and the PHQ have not settled their seniority issue. Their seniority is stuck because of a dispute between sub-inspectors of 1982 batch and DSPs of 1999 batch, informed sources said.

“Our seniority issue is not being settled because it helps the IPS officers to get the best of the postings,” a senior KPS officer said. “Some of us are waiting for almost five years for induction but the department is not filling the positions for a long time.”

Another officer said that their induction will eventually take place with the retrospective effect but at a time when it would help us in getting better perks but not “proper utilization” in service.

“Delay is detrimental to us because we are not getting proper postings,” one officer said. “Instead, fresh IPS recruits are getting the positions which usually we should have manned.”

Right now there are 70 IPS officers but almost 50 of them are manning top positions leaving 20 junior IPS officers of whom 13 are heading districts across J&K. In comparison, a same number of KPS officers are heading districts but they have cadre strength of 200.

“This is a gross mismatch,” one officer said. “We feel there is nobody who is interested in listening to our problems.”

Earlier, the posting situation was balanced between the two cadres serving the state. However, during governor’s rule, the union cadre officers managed improving their positions, sources said.


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