How Covid19 Closed Doors Of My Mamaji’s Home Forever?

by Anil Bhat

JAMMU: The world around all of us has turned upside down in just 12 days. Covid has proved catastrophic for my maternal home as the raging pandemic claimed the lives of four members of the family leaving behind only two minor girl survivors.

A Family No More: (L t R) Ashwani Dhar (son), Santosh Dhar (mother), Nirmal Dhar (daughter in law) and Durga Prashad Dhar (father) died f Covid19 between
April 27 and May 8, 2021. leaving behind two minors. (Photographs accessed from author’s page)

The shock was so deeply ingrained in our minds, bodies and souls, that writing a word about this unbelievable catastrophe became very difficult for me.

Today, I gathered the courage to pen down the obituary of my maternal uncle and his family.

With the deepest sorrow, we inform you that we lost four members of our dear family in the last few days to Covid. My Mama Ji Shri Durga Prashad Dhar (Bairaj) son of Dr Gopi Nath Dhar (Shishoo) and Mrs Leelawati Zutshi Dhar of Devsar village of Kulgam district along with his wife (Mami Ji) Mrs Santosh Dhar (Tathi), his son Mr Ashwani Dhar (Bobby) and daughter-in-law Ms Nirmal Dhar (Soni), all succumbed to the cruel Covid after a brief battle.

 While Mama ji lost his battle to Covid on April 27, his son died on May 3, Mami ji on May 4 and daughter-in-law on May 8. While Mama ji and Mami ji died in home quarantine environment, Bobby and his wife died in ICU in hospital after giving a brave fight to Covid for over a fortnight.

The family left behind 10-year old Kamakshi and six-year-old Pratusha. Their home, which was bustling with the activity of children with parents and grandparents, at 205-B, Tower 2, Panchsheel Wellington, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad is deserted and shut now.

Thirty years before, they escaped jaws of death during the peak time of terrorism from Sheri Kashmir colony in Anantnag. But Covid proved fatal for them.

Within 12 days, Kamakshi and Pratusha’s world was turned upside down. The lovely duo is unaware of what has befallen them. Their Boova ji Princy Dhar locked the house and took them home in Berailey. Princy is under traumatic syndrome as she has completely lost her “maluin“.

Princy brave 22-year son Nalin, not only took care of his Mama and Mami in hospital but also Nani Ji and Nana Ji during this fortnight-long battle. He ran from hospital to home in absence of support. He did not lose courage but continued to battle on twin fronts as Covid warrior, which all of us and man in the street are proud of.

As death started its visit to home and hospital, he kept calm despite weeping from within. He performed cremation on one side and ran from pillar to post to get required medical facilities including injections, medicines and ventilator as a lone warrior. He saw them helplessly dying before his eyes on April 27, May 3, May 4 and May 8 but performed their cremation too. He also returned back to his hometown Berailey, where he has adopted self-quarantine for himself.

Mr D P Dhar was a renowned teacher in the Anantnag district of South Kashmir. He was famous among his students, who rose to top positions in government and other sectors. He was not only a fine educationist but a great human. He is having 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

Anil Bhat

Married in Razdan of Akura, they were blessed with 2 children Ashwani and Princy.

Before migrating to Jammu, he had constructed a new house in the Sher-i-Kashmir colony in Anantnag along with his elder brother Dr H N Dhar. Like his father, his son Ashwani also did PG to rise to a higher post in an MNC. Bobby married Nirmal (PG). They have left behind 2 lovely kids. Now they are the only family left out.

(This write-up was lifted from the author’s Facebook page. Anil Bhat is a journalist who heads PTI bureau in Jammu)

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